Science Lab : The science laboratory excites the students to explore and experiment the theories taught in the class. There separate laboratories and one composite laboratory is an envious possession of this school.

Modern Teaching Staff : Teachers are the most important catalysts in the development of a child’s personality and character. Spending most of the time and energy with the children and guide the child in becoming a strong and good human being. A highly qualified staff provide an innovative educational input. Our teachers are not good in their academics areas nut also have good nature and open-minded. Few special teachers are the role models to the children. They work as a instructors for extra curricular activities like sports, dance & music etc.

Books & Stationery : Books and stationery items are available on payment in school campus.

Dance & Music Room : Music and dance room is provided to polish and improve the talents of students gifted with graceful movements or melodious voice.

Computer Lab : We provides computer labs facility to a productive working environment for students.Computer Lab has the latest computer equipment. it is equipped with latest software and multimedia facility we have sufficient number of computers to meet the need of maximum number of students.

Sports : We have sports & training facilities, which include Badminton, Kho Kho, Cricket, Throw Ball, Martial Arts & Weight Training, Table Tennis, and Chess are some of the indoor games.

Library : Library -the power of knowledge is spacious and well furnished.it has colorfully illustrated books for primary section ,encyclopedias, quiz books, hindi and English fiction , books on science and other information packed lents for references and projeet work. our library boasts of sufficient numbers of books which are regularyly added.

Canteen : The canteen serves few fool items and can be aeeessed during recess timings by the students. we make healthy food choices but prefer that students bring theirs food from home as no food can match it.